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Course of the rivers and hillock backs has always been of strategic importance. That retrieves you e.g. in the coloured history of the Provence. Much of this heritage have been kept remained. maintaining work, aqueducts, villages built on slopes, etc. Amateurs of arcitecture can pick up their heart, for instance to Romanesque construction art.

A Christmas to experience in the Provence is particular. Old traditions which lost unfortunately, are living here still in abundance. In many churches you can admire Christmas stables and during the Christmas Eve there are Nativity plays. In the French revolution the churches had been closed and could one no more visit the Christmas stables. People are for this reason themselves made characters for Christmas stables, the so called Santons. These small figures are made of unbaked clayl, and painted lively. These 'Santoùn' (Provence language for 'small saint') are made still.

The formerly workhorses are loved in here. As from for - up to the autumn there are rural festivals which show how it was working there with the horses. Special events are organised around old crafts industry in traditonele clothing.

There is very much to see in the surroundings. But also nature and clean air ensure that your stay at our certainly pleasant there will be. You near find walking tours, swimming pool, nature bath, golf area, fish water.


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