The area where Le Yody is situated, has the most sunny hours of France. Normaly our weather is even better than it is at the Côte d’Azur.
In the north and east we are protected by the rivers La Durance and Le Rhône. In the south by the hills Les Alpilles. So in our place we have very nice weather from March untill the end of September. Winters are mild here. Maybe it will freeze, but it is also nice than because of the dry land climate. Snow falls so less here, that scools are free when it happens.

The Rhône and the Durance have taken care for us that the ground araound Le Yody is very fertile. In spring everywhere the fruit trees thrive. Even in high summer it is all green. For agriculture it is 12 months in abundance company. The transhipment of vegetable and fruit in Chateaurenard is one of the most important of Europe.
Old and new irrigation systems have been linked in a malignant manner exploit water optimally (Unesco).


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